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Aviator College's Jet Transition Course uses our  Bombardier CRJ-200 FTD. This three week airline pilot training program consists of two phases. The first phase is 45 hours of classroom based ground school. The second phase is 40 hours in our visual CRJ FTD, of which 20 hours are in the right seat and 20 hours are in the left seat.


The Aviator instructors teaching this airline pilot training course are former CRJ airline pilots. At completion of this course, you will receive a graduation certificate for a Jet Transition course. Private bedroom accommodation is included during your stay.

$ 5,000.00

Ground school includes:

20 hours of classroom instruction


  • Powerplant

  • Automatic Flight Control System

  • Environmental Control

  • Flight Management System (FMS)

  • Flight Director

  • Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

  • Electronic Systems

  • Fire and Overheat Protection

  • Fuel Hydraulics Pneumatics

  • Landing Gear System

20 hours of training in our visual CRJ

flight FTD Focusing On:

20 hours of training


  • Cockpit Flows for the major regional airlines

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Line Orientated Flight Training (LOFT)

  • (FMS) Flight Management System Navigation

  • (AFCS) Automated Flight Control Systems

  • Manual and Automated Precision & Non Precision Approaches

  • Maneuvers Encountered During Simulator Evaluations

  • Engine Failures at Rotation Continued to Single Engine Landing

  • Graduation Certificate

The airline pilot jet transition courses start the first week of every month excluding December.


$500 deposit (non-refundable) due before arrival.


Free Shuttle service from Orlando International or West Palm International Included. 

Classes start 1st day of each month

except December.

Only 6 students per class.

For further Information

please call


(772) 466-4822



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Aviators' Aviation Degree program has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

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