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Approved FAA Part 141 


Aviation Degree - Professional Pilot Program

Commercial FAA Pilot Program

Flight Fees$51,870

Tuition $7,725

Total $59,595

Prices reflect tuition and minimum flight fees

Clock Hours

Private Pilot Part 141 Theory


Private Pilot Part 141 Flight Training


Instrument Rating Part 141 Theory


Instrument Rating Part 141 Flight Training


Commercial Pilot Part 141 Theory


Commercial Single ,Multi Engine Part 141



The outlined program qualifies for the M1 VISA. ALL international students seeking a certificate program must apply for it. You can elect additional training options upon enrollment. These options and their related VISAs are outlined here below.


Additional Training Options available upon completion of the Commercial Pilot Program:

  • -  M1 VISA: Jet Transition & CRJ Simulator Training

  • -  F1 VISA: Professional FAA Instructor Course (3 instructor ratings and a 6 month internship) OR Professional EASA Instructor Course (4 instructor ratings, 3 FAA and 1 EASA, and a 6 month internship).
    This will include an additional 25 flight hours, 120 hours of theory and a minimum of 320 internship hours. Upon completion this qualifies for the opportunity to be an entry level flight instructor, for up to one year through the F1’s Optional Practical Training, building flight experience needed for successful employment. F1 students are eligible for employment as flight instructors upon successful completion of their program.

FAA Flight Instructor                                  120


FAA Flight Instructor                                   25

CFI CFII & MEI  Flight Traning

CRJ Jet Transition  Theory & Flight            90

Total Flying Hours approx                           200                           

Duration of the Program to completion  12-18 months

 Commercial Pilot Program             $59,595


 Instructor Add-on(CFI,CFII &MEI)  $12,125

CRJ Jet Transition Course                 $8720

Program starts January, March, April, May, June, August and October

Housing Options

Shared Room Starting At $ 650 per month

 Private Room Starting At $ 750 per month 


Additional fees to budget for:

Books and pilot equipment uniform

 Key Card,  Mailbox Fee, 

Non Refundable Housing Deposit,

Administrative Fee.

FFA written exams and flight test fees.  

Students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot Program are not eligible to recieve the reduction of time under the H.R. 5900 Restricted ATP at 1250 flight hours.

To be eligible for the Restricted ATP at 1250 flight hours you must be enrolled in our Associates Degree Program.

Please refer to our Degree Program page for more Information.


Financing Available

to those who qualify


Aviator College Campus Tour

Aviators' Aviation Degree program has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

For more information Click here

All students will submit a $50.00 non refundable application fee. If a student finishes the program early, credit will be issued for the unused duration of housing.


Admission requirements for the certificate programs include verification of citizenship and completion of High School.

Aviator College, Flight Training School in Florida, USA
Aviator College, flight lessons



Aviator Housing

Based on double occupancy. Single occupancy room

for an additional cost

when available.


 begins January, March, May, July, September or October

Approved FAA Part 141


The Commercial Pilot Program is centered on a Commercial Pilot training certified under FAA 14 CFR Part 141, and prepares students for FAA certification (licensing) and ratings. The Commercial Pilot Program includes courses from primary flight through multi-engine, commercial pilot with instrument rating, each supported by the appropriate ground school.

The learning outcomes for the Commercial Pilot Program are to demonstrate:

• an ability to apply the techniques, skills, and modern aviation tools to perform aviation related tasks, 

• an ability to accurately analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources,
• an ability to apply knowledge of aeronautical principles to ensure safe and efficient flight operations, 

• an ability to accurately analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources, and
• recognition of the need for the ability to engage in lifelong learning.

Designed with the international student in mind, this twelve (12) month program includes Part 141 Private, Instrument and Commercial Pilot Flight Training. Flight training will be a minimum of 200 hours, of which 31 hours will be accumulated in multi-engine airplane and 33 will be in flight simulator. Students have the option to elect additional hours of single and multi-engine time. Theory is conducted in a structured classroom environment for a minimum of 240 hours. Course completion should take no more than 18 months. This program is an efficient and cost-effective way to get the minimum training necessary for employment and offers additional training options to meet each individual’s needs.    

By benefiting from

airline-grade flight instruction

and quality control procedures,

Aviator College students have attained a higher level

of first attempt

flight test passes.

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