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Achievement Scholarship 

Achievement Scholarship 

When can you apply:

Upon completion of Private Pilot End-of-Course in the first semester.

Amount Awarded: Up to $15,000 to be paid out over 6 subsequent semesters and applied to courses as earned with the stipulation that the recipient maintains scholarship criteria throughout to receive the full award amount.


  •  Must be a current Aviator College associate or bachelor’s degree student in good standing.

  •  Cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher must be maintained throughout enrollment.

  •  Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). 

  •  FAA Private Pilot Written Examination score of 90% or higher first-time pass and a first-time pass for the End-of-Course.

  •  Copy of log time demonstrating Private Pilot Rating earned within 60 total hours and within the registered semester. It will be verified with the logbook and ACAST flight hour records.

  •  Two letters of recommendation: 1 from an Aviator instructor and one personal recommendation. 

  •  The scholarship can be approved prior to but will only be awarded upon completion of the private pilot license.

within the College.

Selection is based on academic excellence, flight time completion hours, and overall qualities. The recipient will be notified within 30 days of application submittal.

The award is contingent on the recipient maintaining satisfactory academic progress and good standing within the College, including but not limited to meeting dress code and attendance requirements and no unexcused flight no-shows. Transfer credits, acceleration, or non-progress will either void or change the amount awarded. Any violations of Student Responsibilities and Standards of Professional Conduct or disciplinary actions will void all remaining award dollars.

The award will be applied to tuition over subsequent semester registration until exhausted. Funds cannot be withdrawn from the account or used for flight training or FAA testing fees. Should a registered course receive a failing grade, any remaining award amount will be voided.

The award is not available to non-degree or Jet Blue students. Cannot be combined with any other In-school Scholarship. 

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