Flight Environment

Flight Environment

Aviator College, located on the Treasure Coast International Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida, is an ideal training airport for students. The Treasure Coast International Airport is a FAA towered facility with four paved runways. Instrument approaches to the airport include ILS, Localizer Only, a VOR/DME and two NDB approaches. There is a US Customs facility located on the field and the airport is designated as an official port of entry. For added safety there is a fully equipped fire station with ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting). The airport has a restaurant located on the field.


Students do not have to fly long distances to practice their skills. There is a large practice area just to the west of the airfield to practice maneuvers and several other airfields are within a short distance.


The State of Florida is your practice area. The high density of air traffic in Florida helps students prepare for the busy world of commercial aviation. Aviator offers our students the opportunity to fly internationally to the islands of the Caribbean.


The Florida environment is a great one in which to train, as it gets a wide variety of weather. We train our students to know when it’s safe to takeoff and to how to operate in various weather conditions. This exposure helps prepare them for what they will encounter as airline pilots after their training is complete. This exposure to real world weather is another great reason to choose Aviator for flight training.





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Aviators' Aviation Degree program has specific emphasis on the pilot training aspects needed to meet the requirements of the commercial airline pilot industry.

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