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Commercial aircraft are designed in a very different form than private aircraft. They are designed to handle large number of passengers and increased volume of transport. Their working mechanisms also change with the introduction of newer technology and advanced features. So commercial flight schools have to constantly update their curriculum and include the recent changes in it. Commercial flight schools conduct courses for commercial pilot license, which is the mandatory license required, for flying any commercial aircraft in the whole world.

Flight schools that offer commercial flight training have specially designed courses by the industry experts and experienced faculty. Experienced instructors conduct training sessions coupled with classroom teaching. The government aviation department has stipulated certain hours of actual flight training for each student, under the guidance of an experienced instructor and thereafter on their own. The license is granted to the pilot only after the stipulated hands-on-flight training is completed successfully. Pilots can then approach any leading airline operator, and apply for the position of commercial pilot. Reputed schools have the airline companies, approaching their campus for selection and placement. This is definitely an important factor for students to consider, before selecting an appropriate flying school.

Flight School Pro Pilot Programs
The programs at Aviator Academy are designed to provide what the airline industry demands of future commercial pilots. The training you will receive at Aviator is one of the most intensive and challenging programs offered in aviation today.

The school's new 37,000 sq. ft. training facilities are open from 7 am to 6 pm daily and provisions are made to access the aircraft for flight training 24 hours-a-day, rain or shine.

*Aviator is pleased to announce, that with the recent increase of airline hiring we are now Including the CRJ Jet Transition program with the Professional Pilot Program and the Commercial Pilot Program

Commercial Pilot Program
  • 259 Flight Hours
  • Single Engine Private Pilot
  • Private Multi-Engine
  • Multi-Engine Instrument
  • Multi-Engine Commercial
  • Single Engine Commercial
  • Multi-Engine Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Flight Instructor
  • Single Engine Flight Instructor
  • 200 hours of Multi-Engine Time
  • Aircraft for check rides
  • Cross Country flying coast-to-coast
  • No FTDs (Simulators) used towards flight time
  • *CRJ Jet Transition Program
Cost: $ 46,255.00
NOTE: Subtract -$6,100.00 if you hold a Private Pilot Certificate, total $ 40,155.00.

Call (772) 672-8222 Toll Free 1-800-635-9032 or contact Aviator today to begin your professional flight training program.
Aviator Flight College is a flight school which offers flight training and pilot training within the degree programs. The college accepts VA Post 911, Chapter 33, benefits and offers Federal loans for flight training.

Flight fees are estimated for planning purposes only. FAA requirements, fuel surcharges, and other uncontrollable factors may result in adjustments to these fees prior to or during the course of the academic year. ** Price Subject to Change Without Notice. 

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